What Is a Logistics Management System?

Typically, logistics works in two directions – forward and reverse. When we talk about logistics, we usually mean forward direction, which includes such operations as receiving and processing an order, checking and preparing inventory, packing and picking an item, dispatching it and selecting carrier and/or freight forwarding that will deliver the product to a customer as quickly and efficiently as possible. Reverse direction means any operations with managing

Logistics management system within logistics processes

What is Include in Coyote305 Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

Let’s take a look at the main modules Coyote305 WMS has and the most common problems they help to deal with.

Relation of warehouse processes and WMS modules

Inventory Management

Creating purchase orders

Coyote305 WMS stores all your suppliers’ information in one place and syncs it to actual inventory levels making it easy to manage procurements. The product can also be added to the order by simply scanning the barcode. The orders are then emailed to the supplier right from the system.

creating purchase orders

Receiving and Put away

Scanning devices integrated with Coyote 305 WMS optimize receipt and direct workers to the best location to shelve the product.

Receiving and put away


Location control is the core of warehousing, especially if you work with completely different types of goods or have to handle stock for multiple clients. Being able to track the exact location of every single SKU prevents pilferage and helps optimize further order processing. Also, storage conditions are vital for some product categories like perishable food – Coyote 305 WMS keeps track of expiration dates and shelf life and prioritizes products accordingly.


Stock level control

WMS helps monitor the amount of product in multiple warehouses, notifying users if the level is too low and needs replenishing. Automatic reordering can be set up as well to prevent total stock depletion and overselling. Cycle counting is another great tool for inventory control and is offered by most Coyote 305 WMSs.

Stock Level Control

Fulfillment Interface

We can help you with the automatization of the next topics:


B2C/B2B (Business to Consumer / Business to Business)



Fullfillment by Amazon

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)



Order Management

Processing customers’ orders is the key function of any sales-oriented business. Accuracy and speed are crucial to achieving customer satisfaction. There are many ways how implementing Coyote 305 WMSs can help improve efficiency and reduce errors on every stage of this complex process.

Receiving/creating sales orders

If you work with various eCommerce platforms like Magento or Shopify and marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, integrating them with your WMS will allow you to manage all the orders from different channels in one system. Also, since most of the Coyote305 WMS are cloud-based, orders can be created on the go right from the mobile device, i.e., at trade shows or sales meetings.

sales orders


Picking lists can be a pain to create. Coyote 305 WMS will let you sort and print lists conveniently, for example, by bin location, order date, SKU, etc. If multiple items have to be picked, the optimal route together with the necessary equipment will be suggested to reduce travel time. Barcode or RFID scanners ensure the accuracy of getting the right items. Today, big players like Amazon or Alibaba also use robots in their warehouses and implement other Artificial Intelligent Technologies. 

With Coyote 305 WMS you can do the Picking process and Warehouse Release with different methods

  • FIFO, First-In, First-Out.
  • LIFO: Last-in, First-Out

Release by Location

Also, you can select the exactly locations that you want to get the products using any method, FIFO or LIFO

Release by Location


The type and amount of packaging are calculated automatically for every order and optimal packing procedure is suggested (e.i., gift wrapping). The shipping labels for UPS, FedEx, and USPS (as well as price tags, logos, AWB, BOls and other necessary paperwork) can be printed directly from the system so there is no need to manually enter addresses or retype tracking numbers. Quality control is also simplified as employees have the exact information and standards for every item.


Or dispatching is sending goods to the customer and making sure they are delivered safely and on time. If multiple orders are shipped to the same address, they can be merged to reduce shipping costs. Features of cross-docking and drop shipping are also offered by some providers.


Coyote305 WMS can help streamline this unpleasant process by automating every step: creating the return, recording the reason, updating stock, issuing full or partial refunds, and generating reports.


Invoices are created and sent automatically, including individual discounts and payment options for every customer. Normally multiple formats are supported, whether it is email, CSV, or EDI.

Overall, Coyote305 WMS organizing your orders in one central system provides full visibility of the complete history for every order – payment information, shipping status, staff involved, total time spent, etc. Moreover, giving your customers access to view and manage their own orders increases their engagement and trust and encourages future cooperation.

Interfaces and Connection with other Systems

With Coyote305 WMS you can have electronic interfaces like Web Services, EDI, or specific type of interface, we can custom made the solution that you need. Coyote305 Is not a close system, you can grow your modules and functionalities in base of your necessities.

Coyote305 WMS is a Cloud-Based software, you can access your information from wherever and whenever you want.

Users and security

The software is ready to support unlimited users and profiles, you can configure deferments profiles with deterrents security levels. Also, you can management your computers, you can block any computer where Coyote305 is installed.

Our offers

For limited time, you can get Coyote305 Warehouse Management System for only $249 per month

We have the capability to adapt the Software to your Business Process, you do not need to adapt your Business Process to a Software. We can customize Coyote305 to your requirements. You will always have the possibility to export all your Data to Excel, CSV or any format you want. Remember is your data and your System. If you need direct access the Data Base, you will have this possibility.

Coyote 305

Unique plan

$249 /month

  • • Free Implementation
  • • Unlimited Customers
  • • Unlimited Products
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  • • Unlimited Users
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  • • 250,000 transactions
  • • Load initial data (Customers, Products, Models) *
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  • 1 GB additional disk space $19
  • Specific Report $49 One-time Fee
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*To upload your data to the System, you need to fill and complete the Excel layouts that we will send you.

Some Examples of Coyote305





Warehouse Receipt Wizard


Warehouse Release Wizard




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